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smiley-cath asked
I finished Angelfall and literally DIED AT THE ENDING!!!! I don't know if anyone else was wondering but I was looking at some fancasts for the book and I've seen some people say Penryn's asian. Is she? Just out of curiosity and besides I'm Asian myself and if she is then that's awesome :D

Her race has not been explicitly specified in the series thus far, which has given fans the opportunity to be more inclusive in their fancasting. I think the Asian headcanon started with Malese Jow being thrown around as a fan favorite for Penryn. :)

that satisfying moment when your friend finishes angelfall after you tell them to read it and you get flooded with text messages of their feels about penryn and raffe and the “don’t. talk. about. her.” line

booksandstarlight asked
You know how Angelfall's cover is angel wings because it reppresents Raffe's wings? What if Penryn and The End of Days second book has as a cover of bat wings?

That would be awesome! I’m also really wondering what the title is going to be. Any fan theories on what it could be, yall???

booksandstarlight asked
This is not a question but I really really want to say how happy I am that I found somebody else who has read Angelfall. And AND here's the question: Could you tell me who's your fancast for Angelfall? (I've been fangirling alone. Sigh)

YAY! glad we can be of service :D

I know the fan favorite for Penryn right now is Malese Jow, who is amazing!! Raffe is more all over the place, but all interesting choices! I think Ive seen Luke Pasqualino thrown around more than once. Francois Arnaud as well. It’s tricky because Raffe’s age is never really specified but I pictured him like early 20s looking, since he technically doesn’t really have an age, being an angel.


Josiah to Raffe.

Josiah is such an underrated character smh yall slacking on the Josiah stanning


Josiah to Raffe.

Josiah is such an underrated character smh yall slacking on the Josiah stanning

I just finished Angelfall.


What do I do with my life now.

adventure time gif and your url oh yes get right in this fandom missy 

deleting-gettinitallandthensome asked
Ugh I literally haven't moved from my bed all day because I refused to move until I started and finished angelfall and now that I did...I cry cause the ending was just so open to many possibilities and I want her to find raffe and be like COME TO ME :( ugh why must the wait for the second book be SO LONG :(

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